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Who we are:


  • A community of faculty, postdocs, and other staff at the University of Memphis whose research, teaching, and mentoring are in the subject areas of Biodiversity Science and/or Education.

  • Graduate and undergraduate students, and volunteers of all ages, affiliated with the laboratories of CBio researchers.
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What we do:
  • Study the world’s past and present biodiversity at all levels of organization, from the molecular building blocks of life, to ecosystems and the biosphere.
  • Explore the relationships between biodiversity and a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Conduct research and teach courses that inform & inspire biodiversity awareness, sustainable management & conservation.

  • Translate biodiversity information to science & society through lectures, writing, and other forms of communication and engagement.

  • CBio is committed to broadening participation in biodiversity science and education through advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in its programs.

Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny
Brown Bear
Organic Vegetables
Where we are located:
Offices of CBio faculty are located in Ellington Hall and the Life Sciences Building at the University of Memphis main campus in Memphis, TN.
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