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Memphis-Area Biodiversity Research & Education Collaborative
1st (Introductory) Meeting
2nd Meeting, Internships & Workforce Development

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Environmental Scientist

Goals: We seek to organize and better connect biodiversity researchers, educators, and employers in the Memphis area in order to identify new opportunities for research, education, student training and other workforce development, and to match the needs and interests of stakeholders with opportunities available through local companies, colleges and universities, state and local government, NGOs, and other organizations.

Topics for Future Meetings (one per meeting):

  • Date TBD: Research (collaborative research/proposals, funding opportunities, research on property, research facilities/resources, etc.)

  • Date TBD: Engagement with Higher Education: (curriculum development, teaching on property, teaching facilities/resources, etc.)

  • Date TBD: Outreach & Other Broader Impacts: (collaborative programs, outreach on property, outreach facilities/resources, etc.)

  • Other Topics: TBD; suggestions welcome

Interested in attending a future meeting? Contact us at the email address below.


Interests, Opportunities, & Needs (example from CBio):


Who we are: University of Memphis Center for Biodiversity Research (CBio;


Interests (what we do, why we are here):

  • Enhance & expand biodiversity research and education

  • Establish relationships with research & education partners & stakeholders

  • Inform & inspire biodiversity awareness, sustainable management & conservation

  • Translate biodiversity information to science & society

  • Provide an intellectually vibrant community for biodiversity researchers and educators


Opportunities (for the community*):

*Competitively awarded small grants for collaborative work in biodiversity science and education are available to University of Memphis CBio faculty, postdocs, and students collaborating with area organizations


Needs (from the community):

New opportunities/partners for collaborative research and education in biodiversity science, and career development and employment opportunities for our graduates. Biodiversity scientists, educators, and employers willing to mentor UofM undergraduate and graduate students via internships, job shadowing, and other education/job training (unpaid, paid, course credit).

Contact Person: To learn more about these and other opportunities contact Dr. Duane McKenna

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