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Graduate Studies with CBio Faculty

Graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences whose research is relevant to biodiversity science and/or education and whose major advisor is a CBio-Associate qualify as CBio graduate students.


Information about admission to the graduate program in the Department of Biological Sciences, and degree requirements, can be found here.

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(PhD) Most CBio graduate students gain valuable teaching experience through their roles as graduate teaching assistants. These positions provide stipend support for most CBio graduate students and allow ample time for research. Most graduate students serve as graduate teaching assistants for the duration of their tenure as students.

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Coursework, Mentorship, & Professional Development

A minimum of 72 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree is required. Students entering the program with a MS degree may be awarded up to 30 hours toward this requirement. Attendance at departmental seminars is mandatory. Becoming a Ph.D. Candidate is a two-step process that is usually completed by the end of the third year. (1) A written and oral presentation of your Research Prospectus, and (2) a written and oral Comprehensive Examination. The student’s Advisory Committee (a minimum of 5 individuals, including the major advisor and 4 others) must approve the topic, prospectus, and the final dissertation. A minimum of one published scientific paper is required, along with a Dissertation Defense and Final Examination. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend conferences and meetings relevant to their studies. More information can be found here.


CBio graduate students pursue research on a wide range of topics relevant to biodiversity science and education. These include all 3 subject areas of CBio research:

1. Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology

2. Global Change, Education, Agriculture & Urban Environments

3. Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics.

Competitively awarded Research Facilitation Grants, Incentives, and Awards are available to help support/facilitate the research of CBio-Associated graduate students.

(Video) Graduate Studies with The University of Memphis Department of Biological Sciences

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