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Increasing the volume, impact & visibility of biodiversity research & education at the University of Memphis (UM)


Biodiversity Research Grants & Incentives for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students create new opportunities for sponsored research and student engagement, and forge productive ties between UM departments, schools, colleges, and between the UM and other research entities worldwide. These include Seed Grants for CBio-associated faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, grant incentives for CBio-associated faculty and postdocs, and publication incentives for CBio-associated graduate students

Research Facilitation Grants, Incentives & Awards

Biodiversity Research Grants & Incentives

Preference is given to proposed work that:

  • Is directly relevant to biodiversity science.

  • Contributes positively to research growth at UM.

  • Is potentially transformative to the discipline of study or can otherwise be argued to be high-impact.

  • Is collaborative.

  • Crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and/or connects with cross-cutting initiatives on the UM campus & beyond.

  • Creates new opportunities; has a high likelihood of fostering additional research, publications, funding, or collaborations.


Eligibility: CBio-Associated Biological Sciences faculty, postdocs, and graduate students. See the latest RFP for more information.

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