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Broadening participation in biodiversity science and education through advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion

Center for Biodiversity Research: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement:


The faculty, staff, students, and other researchers of the Center for Biodiversity Research (CBio) are committed to making our community and discipline more inclusive. We share a collective goal to broaden participation in biodiversity science and education through advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in CBio programs. We understand that scientific novelty and innovation depend on the greater inclusion of underrepresented groups in science. We recognize that diverse individuals with different lived experiences will broaden the scope of our scientific inquiries and approaches to solving problems. Thus, we are dedicated to achieving greater levels of equity and representation, and to preventing all forms of discrimination in the CBio community. We seek to foster a compassionate and collaborative culture that celebrates differences in our community to promote excellence in research, teaching, mentorship, and outreach.

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