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DEI News

Fall, 2020: CBio’s (virtual) Undergraduate Coffee Hour

CBio’s DEI Committee is launching "CBio Undergraduate Coffee Hour". Interested undergraduates will be invited to sign up for virtual coffee hours with members of CBio in small groups (3-5 students per center member). These informal sessions will give students an opportunity to ask questions and learn about day-to-day life as a scientific researcher, what graduate school is like, and about available careers in Biology.

These informal meetings are intended to increase opportunities for students to get to know CBio researchers as both scientists and people. By doing so, CBio hopes to foster a more inclusive environment and promote a sense of "biology identity" among our undergraduates, both of which are critical to encouraging and retaining members of underrepresented groups in STEM.

In a Meeting

Fall, 2020: Dr. Sabel attends SABER’s virtual series on racial justice in STEM education

Dr. Jaime Sabel is attending the virtual series “Striving for racial justice in academic biology”, hosted by SABER (Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research). The series is focused on promoting awareness, understanding, and commitment to change in academic biology environments, including inclusivity and racial justice in STEM education. The 7-part series includes 4 discussions and 3 research seminars for biologists and biology education researchers. Dr. Sabel has found this series informative and thought provoking, and highly recommends it to everyone in STEM education, and particularly those working to increase diversity and inclusion in their programs.


The sessions are open to anyone and are virtually administered via Zoom. They will be recorded and posted on the SABER website. You can find a list of upcoming events (including Zoom links and video recordings) here:


July, 2020: CBio Guest Researcher

Dr. Chelsea Specht, Barbara McClintock Professor of Plant Biology in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University, will speak with CBio  on July 24 about her research on the evolution and diversification of plant form and function. She will also discuss her role as the inaugural Associate

Dean for Diversity and Inclusion for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell.

Information about some of the programs/resources mentioned by Dr. Specht for mentoring graduate students can be found here:


June, 2020: New CBio Initiative

CBio announces a new initiative: Broadening participation in biodiversity science and education through advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

November, 2019: New CBio Award Opportunity

CBio announces Biodiversity Scholars Award Program for incoming PhD students

See here for more information.

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